iFeed is a one-day event where seven local High School Interact Clubs, their Rotarian advisers and community volunteers will work toward alleviating hunger in the world and in our own communities. Interact is the high school equivalent of Rotary.

The iFeed community food drive falls under the umbrella of Rotary Lights.

Step 1: Decide on dates. Your food drive can be as long or as short as you want it to be. All food drives should conclude by Friday, November 3rd. We ask that all food drives include the iFeed name somehow.

Step 2: Set a goal. Aim high!

Step 3: Plan. Select a collection point and have containers (like small cardboard boxes) at each collection point.

Step 4: Promote! We have posters for you to hang, make announcements at meetings, and/or put notices in your newsletters. Spreading the word is essential to your food drive’s success. Contact us at ifeedlax@gmail.com if you need the iFeed logo, posters or buttons!

Step 5: Collect that Food! Continue promoting during the collection. As items come in, check for overflow; box as you go.

Step 6: Bring all food donations to Logan High School on Saturday, November 4, 2023 between 8-12pm. There will be students curbside at the front entrance of Logan to help you unload your food. Come on in and check out the giant collection of food! Be a part of the largest food drive ever! Not able to drop off your food collection at Logan? Contact us at ifeedlax@gmail.com and we’ll arrange to come get it!

Step 7: If you are not in the La Crosse area: Collect your food donations, and send us a picture or a short video (not more than 30 sec.) of your group WITH your collection. Create a sign with your food collection total. Email your photo/video by Monday, October 31. Your count and your photo/video will be included in our iFeed number totals!

Make It FUN!  Think Outside The Box!

The most important factor in a food drive’s success is how well it is promoted. Here are a few ideas for making sure your drive doesn’t go unnoticed:

  • Provide every student/employee/group member with a bag to fill with food.
  • Offer incentives: casual-dress days, leave early Fridays, $1 off to customers, no-homework day etc.
  • Plan days for specific items (i.e. soup day, baby items day, canned fruits and vegetables day, etc.).
  • Hold competitions between classes or departments for the most food collected. Offer a prize.
  • Organize an event, party, car wash, etc. Have “food” as the price of admission.
  • Invite a public official, television reporter or sports celebrity to kick-off the event.
  • Make a large graph that shows your goal and color it in as you go. This can support your “theme.”
  • Take pictures of your participants and the food and post these on a website, Facebook or on a bulletin board.

This information, in more detail is available on the Hunger Task Force website. Go to lacrossehtf.org, at the top select Donate, then Donate Food and then scroll to the bottom of the page.