iFeed is a perfect way to involve your business or organization in service while mentoring young adults learning to become servant leaders. Pre-event food drives build enthusiasm, you can run your food drive however you’d like. At iFeed, being a part of a meal packing line promotes teamwork and the goodness of service toward others.

iFeed Snack Pack Sponsors .$250

  • Includes thank-yous and mentions in all day-of media and on signage.
  • Posters, food collection site signage, informational material and buttons will be available to help promote your own food drive.
  • $250 funds the packing of 1,600 meals.

iFeed Lunch Line Sponsors.$500

  • Includes all of the above promotion, plus…
  • Sponosrship of one high school or non-profit packing team and allows two representatives from your organization to join in and participate in the packing fun.
  • $500 funds the packing of 3,200 meals.

iFeed Village Feast Sponsors.$1,000

  • Includes all of the above promotion
  • Sponsorship of your own organization’s 12-person meal packing team. Team building, group volunteering, cheering and fun team themes. You also are the sponsor of a high school or non-profit team.
  • $1,000 funds the packing of 6,400 meals.

iFeed the Masses Sponsors.$1,500

  • Includes all of the above promotion
  • Your own 12-person meal packing team and all the fun that comes with it and sponsorship of a high school or non-profit team.
  • Included in other day-of volunteer opportunities such as can sorting, curb collection, etc., as desired.
  • Prize/contest sponsorship.
  • $1,500 funds the packing of 9,600 meals.

See the international award-winning video (3 min.) that tells the story of iFeed: go to YouTube and search iFeed 11.7.15

For more information on becoming a sponsor please contact Stephanie Fraase at 608.780.7220 or by email at